Top 8 COVID-19 Safety Tips for Barr-Nunn Drivers

Barr-Nunn truck showing company logo and #staysafe COVID-19 Safety Tips for Barr-Nunn Drivers

Our highest priority is the health and safety of our drivers and the communities we serve. As a Barr-Nunn Transportation driver, you are part of the nation’s Essential Services and desperately needed to keep America running. We urge you to take all necessary precautions to keep yourself, fellow employees, our business partners, and the public safe. The following are the top 8 safety tips for Barr-Nunn drivers, resources, and links to help you stay safe while delivering essential goods.

1.) Wash Your Hands & Disinfect Them Regularly

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one of the best ways to protect against contracting COVID-19, is to wash your hands and disinfect them regularly. The CDC website offers these tips: Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap is unavailable, use a hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol.

2.) Regularly Wipe Down Your Cab Surfaces

The CDC warns that contaminated surfaces and/or objects can be a source of germs and viruses. It is important to wipe and disinfect your cab areas frequently to keep yourself or your teammate protected. Be sure to clean your cab after stops for fuel, food, or after being in public areas.

3.) Keep Driving Defensively

While fewer pedestrian vehicles are on the roadways, commercial vehicles like yours are still traveling. Implement your defensive driving training to protect yourself, your teammates, and other drivers. The most important way to stay safe is to stay alert.

4.) Keep Social Distancing

Maintain social distancing practices at all times. The CDC defines social distancing as keeping at least 6-ft from others, avoiding crowds and large gatherings, and wearing a mask when possible. Social distancing is not always possible in every situation. Use your best judgment and protect yourself with common sense.  

5.) If You are Not Feeling Well, Self-Quarantine

Should you start to feel ill, please be proactive and self-quarantine. Avoid pushing on because “the job needs to get done.” Contact your Team Leader and discuss the best plan of action.

6.) Communicate with Your Team Leader

If you have questions or concerns pertaining to how to stay safe, or other issues related to driving during the COVID-19 pandemic, please contact your Team Leader. Your Barr-Nunn Team Leader and all the support staff are here to help.

7.) Keep Eating Healthy

One of the best ways to stay safe is to continue eating healthy. The American Society for Nutrition explains a balanced and nutrient-rich diet improves your body’s overall immune system. When making food choices on the road, go for healthy options over high-sugar or high-calorie items.

8.) Use Barr-Nunn Terminals

The following terminals are available to you:

COVID-19 Safety Tips for Barr-Nunn Drivers Conclusion

As a Barr-Nunn Transportation frontline worker during the COVID-19 pandemic, we thank you for your dedication to keeping America running. You are answering the call at this critical time in our country, keeping critical supplies on store shelves, and ensuring our economy keeps moving. Your efforts demand both our respect and admiration.

If you have questions or suggestions to add to our list of COVID-19 Safety Tips for Barr-Nunn Drivers, please feel free to call us at (551) 999-3011 or email [email protected].

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