Barr-Nunn PTO: How Drivers Earn Paid Days Off

Barr-Nunn truck driver paid days off

No matter how much you love your job, there will come a time when you want to take some time away, travel, or spend time with family. In other words, you will want some paid days off to enjoy a much-needed and deserved vacation. If you are a truck driver for Barr-Nunn or considering becoming one, you will be particularly interested in learning how drivers can earn paid days off with this company. Read on to learn more:

Importance of Truck Driver Vacation Time

Truck drivers are in extra demand, especially with the supply chain issues and the fact that they have been classified as essential workers throughout the pandemic. This means there has been increased demand with no end in sight for these hard-working professionals. Therefore, they are deserving of a break and should consider this paid vacation or time off as necessary for the following reasons:

  • Destress: Because of the high demand on their time and for their highly-skilled services, truckers can become stressed. Therefore, they need and deserve a break in order to destress from their jobs, the demands, the requirements, and the immense draw for their skills.
  • Spend Time With Family: Since truckers spend much of their time away from home completing routes, paid time off presents the opportunity for them to spend time with their loved ones. This can help them mentally and physically as well as encourage healthy relationships with those they love. It also ensures that their families know they are prioritized and important to the trucker, even though their career takes them away for many days of the month.

Barr-Nunn PTO: Truck Driver Paid Time Off

There are many ways that drivers can accrue or build-up paid days off which they can then use to take much-needed time off. They include the following:

  • Paid Per Mile: This is also known as PTO or paid time off per mile at Barr-Nunn. If you are a solo company truck driver, you earn so much paid time off per ever so many miles driven. Team drivers earn a slightly different amount per mile driven. The amount for solo-truck drivers breaks down as follows:
    • Paid miles 60,000 equals 3 days PTO or paid time off.
    • Paid miles 120,000 equals 3 days PTO.
    • Paid miles 180,000 equals 3 days PTO.
    • Paid miles 360,000 equals 6 days PTO.
    • Paid miles 480,000 equals 6 days of PTO.
    • Paid miles 960,000 equals 9 days of PTO.
    • An additional 9 days are offered with every additional 60,000 miles driven thereafter.
  • Paid Per Shift: If you are instead paid per shift, you will earn PTO annually on your employment anniversary.
  • CSA Safety Bonuses: With Barr-Nunn safety is of paramount importance, so they offer CSA safety bonuses to drivers every 90 days that allow drivers to earn additional PTO time.

What About Unexpected Needs?

Barr-Nunn understands that sometimes life happens. Therefore, they work diligently with truckers to ensure that they can get home when they need to for situations like funerals or jury duty that simply cannot be helped or planned. For specific company policies pertaining to these unexpected and unplanned needs, ask when signing up as a driver. Of course, that doesn’t always mean that a driver in this situation will have accumulated PTO, but the company will most certainly work with them to ensure they can be with their family or fulfill their duties as they come up.

Bottom Line: You Can Earn Paid Time Off

As with any other professional field, the trucking industry also provides a means of earning paid time off. Through various means including miles driven and additional safety qualifications, Barr-Nunn drivers can accumulate more and more PTO to spend with their families or on vacation. Ask about specifics for each type of PTO when signing up as a driver.

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