What It Means to Be a Certified Top Pay Trucking Carrier

Barr-Nunn Transportation Certified Top Pay Carrier

At Barr-Nunn Transportation, we know that truck drivers are the backbone of the American economy. You keep our store shelves stocked, our businesses running, and our communities thriving. That’s why we’re committed to providing our drivers with not just a job, but a rewarding career. We’re proud to announce that Barr-Nunn Transportation has been officially…

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Empowering Truckers: Practical Mileage Pay as a Driver-Centric Compensation Model

Barr-Nunn Transportation truck at sunset

Commercial truck drivers or professional drivers are the unsung heroes of the American industry. In fact, truckers across the nation are responsible for shipping more than 80% of all the nation’s annual freight, accounting for 11.4 billion tons of goods. Therefore, to say truckers are important to the economy is the understatement of the century.…

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Why Team Truck Drivers Thrive at Barr-Nunn Transportation

Barr-Nunn Team Truck Drivers

Truck driving is more than a job; it’s a lifestyle, especially for team drivers. At Barr-Nunn Transportation, the experiences of team truck drivers reveal a deep appreciation for the unique opportunities and supportive environment provided by the company. These drivers not only traverse the country’s highways together but also share a bond that’s nurtured by…

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Hidden Gems on the Eastern U.S.A. Trucking Routes

semi-truck on scenic highway

Hey, seasoned road warriors! If you’re hauling with Barr-Nunn Transportation on the East Coast, get ready for a journey beyond the ordinary. We’re about to uncover the hidden gems along your trucking routes that will turn your routine trips into memorable adventures! The Scenic Coastal Routes Rolling Waves and Endless Horizons Get your cameras ready!…

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What You Need to Know About DOT Physicals for Truck Drivers

parked semi-trucks

In the world of trucking, safety is paramount. Ensuring that commercial drivers are physically fit to operate large vehicles on our roads is a crucial part of that safety equation. This is where the DOT (Department of Transportation) physical comes into play. If you’re a truck driver or aspiring to be one, understanding what a…

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Truck Driving Tips: How to Avoid Mistakes When Turning Around

semi-truck turning around

When it comes to truck driving, one of the most crucial skills to master is turning around safely and efficiently. Making mistakes during a turn can lead to accidents, damage to the vehicle, and potential harm to others on the road. In this article, we will discuss the importance of proper turning techniques, common mistakes…

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Benefits of Being a Company Truck Driver

Company Truck Driver

Truck driving is an important industry that plays a crucial role in the economy. With the continued growth and expansion of the industry, there are more job opportunities than ever before for truck drivers. Two of the most popular career paths in the industry are being a company truck driver and an owner-operator truck driver.…

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What Drivers Should Look For In a Trucking Company

truck driver

If you’ve recently received your CDL or you’re an experienced driver looking for a new opportunity and are now ready to apply for trucking jobs, you might be wondering how to choose the right trucking company for you. Every truck driver has different preferences when it comes to choosing an employer, but there are some…

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Winter Health Tips for Truck Drivers

Winter Health Tips for Truck Drivers

Staying healthy can be a challenge as the temperatures turn colder and winter sets in. As a truck driver who spends many hours on the roadway, this time of year can present even more challenges when it comes to maintaining your overall health. Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to reduce your risk…

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Celebrating Barr-Nunn Transportation’s 40th Anniversary

Barr-Nunn Transportation's 40th Anniversary

October 19, 1982. The Beginning A driver himself, Robert Sturgeon purchased Manning Truck Lines and rebranded it as Sturgeon Truck Lines, Inc. With safety and on-time delivery as the company’s core values, and his 13-truck inventory, he was promptly contracted by Rail Flite to haul piggyback freight from Iowa to Omaha and Kansas City rail…

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