Why Team Truck Drivers Thrive at Barr-Nunn Transportation

Barr-Nunn Team Truck Drivers

Truck driving is more than a job; it’s a lifestyle, especially for team drivers. At Barr-Nunn Transportation, the experiences of team truck drivers reveal a deep appreciation for the unique opportunities and supportive environment provided by the company. These drivers not only traverse the country’s highways together but also share a bond that’s nurtured by the road and respected by their employer. Read testimonials from our team drivers about what sets Barr-Nunn apart from other trucking companies.

Top Reasons Team Drivers Love Being at Barr-Nunn

1. Economic Stability and Shared Experience

The decision to become a team truck driver often stems from the desire for a stable and lucrative career. At Barr-Nunn, drivers have found that team driving is not just financially rewarding but also an opportunity to share the highs and lows of life on the road with someone close. For couples, it’s a chance to work and travel together, turning their truck into a home away from home. This unique setup allows them to not just earn together but also strengthen their relationship.

“Barr-Nunn has proven to meet all of its promises — like better pay and better hometime as well as freight that keeps us moving.”

“I get to work with my brother earning better money for our prospective families.”

“More miles equal more pay. Also having a second pair of eyes is helpful when avoiding tight situations.”

2. Favorite Aspects – Beyond Just Driving

Team drivers at Barr-Nunn enjoy more than just the open road; they relish the company of their driving partner. Whether it’s a spouse, friend, or colleague, having someone to share the journey makes each mile more enjoyable. The sense of companionship and partnership in facing the challenges of the road is a significant aspect of their job satisfaction. The beauty of the landscapes, the diversity of the cities they pass through, and the shared sense of accomplishment in timely deliveries add layers of fulfillment to their roles.

“Beautiful experience to drive throughout the States with someone that I love. The more miles we drive; the more of life we see and the more money we gain as we go.”

“The sense of relief that comes with driving with someone you trust. There’s also some comfort in knowing that if there’s ever any issue you have someone that can always give a helping hand.”

3. Dedication for Driver Well-Being

What sets Barr-Nunn apart from other trucking companies for these drivers is the company’s commitment to honesty, respect for personal time, and recognition of their hard work. Drivers appreciate the competitive pay, but more importantly, they value how the company treats them like family. The respect for work-life balance, understanding of the importance of home time, and the top-notch condition of equipment demonstrate Barr-Nunn’s dedication to their drivers’ well-being and professional success.

“Barr-Nunn is unlike any other company my husband and I have dealt with. We are not numbers, we are always treated with respect. Our team leader, Nathan, is outstanding which makes us want to do a good job for him. We could go on but that should sum it up.”

“Barr-Nunn is honest, truly cares about the driver, a company that prioritizes safety, recognizes driver effort with great pay, awards, and gets driver home, honors home time request.”

Advice for New Team Drivers:

Seasoned drivers at Barr-Nunn have a wealth of advice for newcomers. They emphasize the importance of communication, not just with each other but also with dispatch and management. Staying professional, setting shared goals, and practicing patience are key to a harmonious working relationship. They also stress the importance of safety and the need to support each other through challenges. The ethos of Barr-Nunn, as echoed by its drivers, is one of mutual respect, hard work, and teamwork.

“In this industry, the better you communicate, the better opportunity you have for achieving your goals.”

“Help each other. It isn’t a competition of who knows more, it is an effort on both parts to share knowledge to make each other better drivers.”

“Do your best to try and keep a schedule but at the same time be flexible for more earnings opportunities. “


Driving for Barr-Nunn Transportation is more than a career; it’s a journey filled with adventure, companionship, and growth. These drivers’ stories reflect a company culture that values not only economic benefits but also human connection and professional respect. It’s a place where every mile on the road contributes to building a rewarding career and a fulfilling life.

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