Tips for How to Balance Truck Driving and Family Life

Tips for Balancing Truck Driving and Family Life

Truck driving can be an exciting way to make a living and see the country, simultaneously. Unfortunately, due to the demands of the industry, being gone for days, weeks, or months at a time is likely for a truck driver. This can negatively impact family life for the entire family unit. Thankfully, the following tips…

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Truck Driving Tips from Experienced Truckers at Barr-Nunn Transportation


Over the last thirty-eight years, Barr-Nunn Transportation has forged a culture committed to driver financial stability and career success, which is why our truck drivers are some of the most experienced truckers in the industry today. Not only do our drivers pride themselves on delivering hauls safely, on-time, and with quality customer service – our…

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Dashcams For Truckers: What You Need to Know

View of a truck from the inside showing a dashcam over a highway, dashcam for truckkers

A truck dashcam is a tool utilizing technology for the betterment of the trucking industry. Dashcams for truckers work by recording every minute a truck is in operation and sometimes when parked, showcasing what’s going on both inside and outside the cab. There are many situations this type of recording is advantageous. In Case of…

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Top Five Tips For Winter Truck Drivers

Barr-Nunn truck driving on highway in winter

During winter months, when roadways can become icy and snow-covered, safety is of paramount importance. After all, even the most experienced commercial drivers can experience a weather-related accident. Reduced traction combined with poor visibility can cause an extreme challenge to even highly skilled drivers. Our Top Five Tips For Winter Truck Drivers helps improving roadway…

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