Tips for Night Driving: Mastering the Road When the Sun Goes Down

Night Truck Driving

Operating a big rig on the road is challenging on its own, even in good weather conditions and during the day. However, adding the element of low light after darkness sets in for the night can increase the risk of accidents and other issues immensely. Therefore, as a professional driver, you should train for truck…

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A Guide to Staying Alert and Safe on Nighttime Hauls

Guide to Staying Alert and Safe on Nighttime Hauls

The open road beckons 24/7, but nighttime hauls present a unique set of challenges for even the most seasoned truck driver. Reduced visibility, fatigue, and potentially fewer resources can make navigating those dark hours demanding. However, with the right approach and a commitment to safety, you can turn nighttime hauls into productive stretches on your…

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Hidden Gems on the Eastern U.S.A. Trucking Routes

semi-truck on scenic highway

Hey, seasoned road warriors! If you’re hauling with Barr-Nunn Transportation on the East Coast, get ready for a journey beyond the ordinary. We’re about to uncover the hidden gems along your trucking routes that will turn your routine trips into memorable adventures! The Scenic Coastal Routes Rolling Waves and Endless Horizons Get your cameras ready!…

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Tips for Organizing Your Semi-Truck Cab

organizing your semi-truck cab

Navigating the highways and byways of this vast country can be both thrilling and challenging, and we understand that keeping your semi-truck cab organized is no small feat. A clutter-free cab not only enhances your efficiency on the road but also contributes to a safer and more enjoyable driving experience. In this blog post, we’ll…

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How Truckers Can Build Connections in the Trucking Community

How to Build Connections in the Trucking Community as a Truck Driver

Are you a new commercial truck driver looking to build lasting connections within the trucking community? You’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll explore effective strategies and tips to help you connect with fellow truckers, share experiences, and become an integral part of the trucking community. Whether you’re a seasoned driver or just…

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9 Time Management Tips for Truck Drivers

9 Time Management Tips for Truck Drivers

Time management is crucial for truck drivers who spend long hours on the road, often facing tight schedules and delivery deadlines. Efficient time management not only ensures timely deliveries but also promotes safety and reduces stress. Here are 9 helpful time management tips for truckers: In this article, we’ll discuss these time management tips that…

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Navigating Mental Health Resources for Truck Drivers

Mental Health Resources for Truck Drivers

Introduction to Mental Health in the Trucking Industry The life of a truck driver is characterized by long hours on the road, isolation, and the constant pressure of meeting delivery deadlines. Amidst these challenges, the mental health of truck drivers often takes a backseat. However, addressing mental health is of paramount importance, as it directly…

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Safety in Numbers: Why Team Truck Driving is Safer on the Road

team truck drives with Barr-Nunn Transportation

Introduction In the vast and complex world of trucking, safety on the road is paramount. Over the years, the trucking industry has explored various strategies to enhance safety and efficiency, and one approach that has gained popularity is team truck driving. This method involves two drivers operating a single truck in shifts, ensuring continuous operation…

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Safety Tips for Truck Driving in Foggy Conditions

driving a semi-truck in fog

We understand that driving in foggy conditions can be daunting for many truck drivers, especially those who are not used to them. It’s essential to be prepared and know what to do to stay safe on the road. In this article, we will provide you with comprehensive tips on how to drive in fog, ensuring…

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Tips for New Regional Truck Drivers

regional truck driving

If you’re a new regional truck driver, then welcome to the industry! You’re joining a group of professionals who play a vital role in keeping our economy moving by transporting goods to different parts of the country. Driving a truck can be a challenging job, but it can also be rewarding. However, to make the…

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