Dashcams For Truckers: What You Need to Know

View of a truck from the inside showing a dashcam over a highway, dashcam for truckkers

A truck dashcam is a tool utilizing technology for the betterment of the trucking industry. Dashcams for truckers work by recording every minute a truck is in operation and sometimes when parked, showcasing what’s going on both inside and outside the cab.

Benefits of Dashcams

There are many situations this type of recording is advantageous.

In Case of an Accident

If a truck driver happens to experience an accident while operating their vehicle, blame can be placed on a driver, even if they are not in fact at fault. In many cases, it comes down to one person’s word against another, and if there are no witnesses to say otherwise, an innocent driver can easily be blamed for an accident that wasn’t truly their fault. A dash can become an innocent driver’s best piece of evidence to prove their innocence. After all, video feed doesn’t lie. Since the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) states there are more than 400,000 accidents involving commercial trucks yearly, dashcams should be considered a nearly vital piece of equipment for all professional drivers.

Allows Drivers to Check on Trucks, Even When Away

Another benefit of a dashcam is to show what has happened when a driver is away from their truck. Imagine a situation where a driver is inside a restaurant and comes back out to an unexpected ding in the bumper on their parked truck. The dashcam video will reveal what happened while the driver was away. This information can be extremely helpful to find the person at fault for damage to an expensive truck. Admittedly, not all dashcams have the ability to record when the truck isn’t in operation, but it is a possible option that can be extremely helpful.  

Aids in Training

Dashcams can also be utilized to train new drivers. Since a dashcam records what a driver sees, watching the recording afterward can give trainers the ability to correct improper technique in their drivers. In other words, the dashcam serves as a substitute ride along with the trainer. Although the corrections won’t be instantly implemented, the corrections can be made once the video is reviewed. In addition, the dashcam will not completely take the place of an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) but can work in conjunction with this required piece of equipment.

Identifies Careless Drivers

For fleet owners, dash cameras can be an invaluable way to ensure drivers are operating their trucks properly. The recording aspect allows owners to determine if their drivers are obeying their training and performing safely on roadways by reviewing video footage.  

Saves Money

Unfortunately, just having a dashcam won’t in and of itself reduce a truck’s insurance rates. However, since insurance rates are often impacted by motor vehicle reports, by proving an accused driver is not at fault for an accident, the video proof can save a driver a hike in insurance premiums.

Evaluating Dashcams for Truckers

Once a driver has made the decision to invest in a dashcam, they should consider the following elements:

  • Price: Dashcams can range in price from as little as $40 to as much as $500. The cost will depend greatly on the features of the particular dashcam.
  • Features: A few of the features that drivers should contemplate when choosing a dash cam include:
    • Automatic looping.
    • Microphones.
    • Location and time tracking.
    • Accelerometers.
    • Camera mounts.

The Best Dashcams For Truckers Available

The following are a few of the best dash cams drivers can purchase, along with their features:

Wheel/Witness HD PRO Dash Cam with GPS: $124.99

This camera, made by Ambarella, features a 170-degree super-wide lens. It records everything in front of the truck in crisp 2304x1296P, Super HD 2k resolution.

More features:

  • Continuous loop recording. The camera records automatically until the microSD card is full. Once the card is full, the oldest file is replaced with new ones.
  • GPS Enabled: Drivers can follow video alongside Google Maps on their screen, revealing where the driver was during the recording.
  • Three possible mounting locations, including two sticky mounts and one suction cup.
  • Night video equipped.
  • Easy-to-use interface, allowing drivers to begin using the product immediately.

ROAV by Anker Dash Cam C1: $72.99

This device features a Sony Sensor and a 1080p FHD wide-angle dashcam.

More features:

  • Motion-Activated: This device activates the camera the instant the truck is moved or bumped.
  • It comes with a quick start guide.
  • 12-month warranty.
  • Dual-port charger.
  • Drivers can access camera recordings via an app on their mobile devices.

Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Dash Cam: $199.99

The Vantrue features both inside and outside views. The front camera is a 310-degree camera. This device also features a motion sensor, a 24-hour parking mode, and infrared night vision capacity.

More features:

  • Loop recording: This camera overwrites the oldest footage with the newest.
  • Auto LCD off timer.
  • Audio recording with a built-in microphone.
  • Optional GPS.
  • An automatic sensor that detects a collision/shake that locks the footage in an event file, preventing video overwrite.
  • 18-month warranty.

OldShark Dash Cam: $49.99

This dashcam features a 170-degree wide-angle dashcam, with a 32GB recording card.

More features:

  • Parking mode, detecting collisions.
  • Night vision, with superior resolution.
  • Sony sensor that captures detail for a superior visual experience.
  • Easy to use, with windshield mount.
  • Loop recording, which overwrites old recordings continuously.
  • G-sensors that detect collision.
  • Camera powers on when the engine starts and turns off when the engine is turned off.

Dashcams for Truckers: Bottom Line

Dashcams are a worthwhile investment for any professional truck driver. The security and peace of mind they provide, make them an ideal addition to every truck driver’s cab. The above are a few of the best dash cams on the market as well as information on why drivers should consider them a necessary piece of equipment for operating a commercial truck. Dashcams might not be required equipment for commercial fleets, but their presence is extremely helpful.

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