How Barr-Nunn’s Truck Driver Referral Program Leads the Industry

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A driver referral program allows you as a truck driver to play an active role in building up the trucking company for which you are working. It also can help you earn some notable benefits as well as you get the word out about why others should consider becoming drivers for said company. It’s no secret that the industry overall is struggling to find safe, qualified, and hard-working drivers to employ. As a satisfied truck driver, working in a career you love, you can help create a more robust industry by sharing your knowledge with other drivers through a referral program.

Benefits of Driver Referrals: Why Truck Drivers Love Referral Programs

There are many benefits for drivers when it comes to referral programs. At Bar-Nunn, you as a driver can easily earn additional income by referring other drivers to our company. You can enjoy the following notable benefits:

  • Earn more money.
  • Experience passive income.
  • Help improve the company by building up the workforce.

Details of Barr-Nunn’s Driver Referral Program

For a limited time, Barr-Nunn is allowing each driver who refers another driver to Barr-Nunn who ultimately hauls a load, the ability to receive an extra CSA Safety Bonus and On-Road Safety Bonus for each referred driver. Bonuses can be earned every 90 days, which means you could receive around four extra payouts if you meet safety requirements. The following are additional details about this potential to earn extra income:

  • CSA Safety Bonuses for Solo and Team drivers:
    • Solo truck drivers:
      • Earn $875 + extra paid time off (have a Hazmat Endorsement)
      • Earn $700 + extra paid time off (don’t have a Hazmat Endorsement)
    • Team truck driver:
      • Earn $1,025 each + more paid time off (have a Hazmat Endorsement)
      • Earn $825 each + more paid time off (without a Hazmat Endorsement)
  • On-Road Safety Bonuses are $500 for all drivers.
  • Potential to earn bonuses four times a year for every driver referred. As mentioned above, you can gain extra supplemental income and help Barr-Nunn grow simply by sharing our company with your friends.

Barr-Nunn Driver Referral Example:

Tim is an experienced team driver with Barr-Nunn with a hazmat endorsement. His friend, Brian, is a driver for another company but is looking to make a change. Tim refers Brian to Barr-Nunn. Brian is hired at Barr-Nunn and starts hauling freight.

Tim will now receive an extra CSA Safety Bonus, an extra On-Road Safety Bonus, and added Paid-Time Off in addition to his regular bonuses the next time he is eligible.

Tim’s first 90-Day bonus payout after the referral is now $3,050 and 2 days of PTO instead of what he would normally receive of $1,525 and 1 day of PTO.

If Tim completes the requirements to make his safety bonuses for the next 9 months, the total for his yearly bonuses will be $12,200 and 8 days of PTO. That’s $6,100 and 4 PTO days more than he normally would have earned—all because he referred Brian to become a Barr-Nunn driver.

“At Barr-Nunn, our drivers are our #1 priority. We believe in treating our drivers with respect, care, and understanding. We give our drivers the best opportunities to make the money that they deserve for safely providing an essential service to keep this country moving. Our industry-leading truck driver referral program is just one of the ways Barr-Nunn drivers can earn extra money every year.”

– Jeff Blank, Barr-Nunn Director of Recruiting

Other Trucking Companies Referral Programs

Here are some examples of referral programs at other trucking companies:

  • Company A: Drivers can enjoy unlimited referral payouts. Potential prize drawings and $2,000 referral for experienced driver hires.
  • Company B: Drivers can earn $1,500 when referring an experienced CDL driver. No limit on referrals.
  • Company C: Drivers can earn $1,000 by referring a new driver to Werner. No limit on referrals.
  • Company D: Earn $1,500 for the first three drivers referred, along with a $100 gift card, and a t-shirt. Earn another $2,000 per driver for fourth and fifth drivers and $2,500 for six and more drivers referred. Referral bonuses are paid after 90 days of hire.
  • Company E: Driver referrals will earn $1,500 with a new hire and 60 days of employment.

Best Ways to Find Potential Driver Referrals

If you are looking for more information on driver referrals, or want to share information with your friends in order to earn some referrals bonuses from your company, consider using the following methods:

  • Share on social media
  • Talk to friends and family
  • Chat with other drivers at truck stops

How to Submit a Driver Referral to Barr-Nunn

Contact Barr-Nunn Transportation to learn more about the referral program and determine how to submit a driver to the program and see how it leads the industry with truck driver incentive programs. Keep in mind that at Barr-Nunn, you as a driver will benefit greatly by referring other drivers and can continue to benefit from subsequent referrals. Why not help build the company while earning additional income? It’s a win, win for sure!

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