How To Become an Efficient Team Truck Driver

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Truck drivers are in higher demand than ever, but many drivers who get their commercial driver’s license (CDL) prefer shorter drives rather than long hauls. Yet, many businesses still rely on people driving across the country to get their products where they need to be. This is, of course, where team truck drivers come in.

Since the demand for truck drivers has increased in the past couple of years as we’ve faced supply chain issues and job turnover, the need for team truck drivers has increased even more, as far fewer trucker drivers are interested in teams. However, as you’ll see in this article, there are some significant benefits to being a team truck driver — benefits that may make it worth your while.

What is a team truck driver?

You may have vaguely heard of the term, but you are not quite sure what’s a team truck driver. Regular truck drivers usually complete shorter trips in one sitting, by themselves. Team truck driving, on the other hand, is for longer distances, usually over 750 miles. Although not every business needs team truck drivers due to the fact that many businesses have regional offices scattered across the country, some businesses still rely on the services of team truck drivers for long hauls.

How to know if team driving is right for you

The biggest thing to know when considering team driving is whether or not you like long drives. Some people don’t love being in a car or truck for hours on end, while others thrive on it and see long-haul trips as fun road trips where you get to see the country.

Another thing to consider is whether you tend toward being an introvert or an extrovert. When you’re on long drives, are you grateful you’re alone, or do you wish there was someone there with you? If having a companion on the road would make you feel more at ease and pass the time for you, then team driving might be the right thing for you.

Benefits of team truck driving

These are some of the top advantages of team truck driving.

  • Good pay. Of course, you want to know how much do team truck drivers make. At Certified Top Pay Carriers, like Barr-Nunn Transportation, top drivers can earn an average of $110,461 per driver per year, while the average pay for solo drivers is between $65,000 and $80,000.
  • Safety. Drivers are less likely to get tired and get into an accident if they are in a team. That’s because if the driver ever feels they are getting too tired to drive, they can always switch off with their other driver.
  • Companionship. Team driving allows you to break up the workload with a companion so that you can have time to rest on the road while the other drives and vice versa. Plus, you’ve got someone to talk to when you get bored.
  • Long drives. If team truck driving sounds like a good idea for you, then it’s probably because you like long drives. You’ll get your fill of long-haul road trips if you become a team truck driver.

Steps to becoming a great team truck driver

  • Find a partner. If you think team truck driving is a good fit for you, maybe ask a buddy or somebody you know to think about teaming up with you. While you don’t need to find a partner before you apply for jobs, it will make the process easier.
  • Find a truck driving school. Preferably, one that is near you. Simply search “truck driving school near me” on the internet, and you’ll be sure to find one close by. If you’ve found a partner, you could do team driver training together.
  • Prepare for school. Make sure you have enough money for the three to four-week team truck driver training. Also, contact the school asking about financial aid options and whether or not they’ll help you find a job after the course is complete.
  • Start school. Now go to your truck driving school and study hard so that you pass with all of the knowledge you need to know. Talk to people at the school about finding jobs afterward, and if they know any good companies that are hiring.

If team truck driving sounds like it’s for you, get started with team truck driver training today.

Team truck driving jobs at Barr-Nunn Transportation

At Barr-Nunn Transportation, our goal has always been to hire and retain the safest, most professional drivers. To accomplish this goal, we offer superior pay, well-equipped late-model equipment, substantial home time, excellent health insurance, and a 401(k) allowing our drivers to retire in comfort.

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