Truck Driver Pay: The Barr-Nunn Transportation Way

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Truck driving jobs and salary. If you are an experienced trucker, you want to know which company has the best trucking jobs and how much you can earn. Barr-Nunn Transportation believes top-performing truck drivers deserve to earn industry-leading pay. That is why for over fifteen years, Barr-Nunn Trucking is recognized as a Top Pay Certified Carrier by The National Transportation Institute. No other trucking company values the hard work and dedication it takes to keep our economy going, or what it means to be an essential worker, more than Barr-Nunn Transportation. Our truck driver pay reflects our commitment to driver financial stability and career success. Join our team today, and get Truck Driver Pay: The Barr-Nunn Transportation Way.

Hometime, family time, and time to recharge are vital to the health and well-being of every trucker. So, Barr-Nunn Transportation provides truck drivers the ability to rack up PTO in three different ways. Choose one or go for all three.

Every mile driven earns PTO. Solo truck drivers earn 3-9 days of PTO every 60,000 paid miles. Team truck drivers earn 3-9 days of PTO every 109,000 paid miles.

How Mileage-Paid Solo Truck Drivers Earn PTO

Chart showing how mileage-paid solo truck drivers earn paid time off (PT), left column displays accumulated miles started at 60,000 and the right column displays pto earned starting at 3 days.

CSA Safety Bonuses Earn PTO

Safe driving should be recognized and rewarded. Every 90 days, solo and team drivers at Barr-Nunn Transportation are eligible to receive one day of PTO for each CSA Safety Bonus earned. CSA Safety Bonuses PTO days are regularly obtainable; in fact, 95% of Barr-Nunn drivers earn this bonus.

Safe Driver Awards Earn PTO

In addition to CSA Safety Bonus PTO opportunities, Barr-Nunn Transportation drivers reaching company-designated safety milestones or earning Elite Safe driver awards receive extra PTO. Safety milestones include every safe Million Mile achievement.

Truck Driver Controlled Pay Raises

Truck Driver controlled pay raises have been part of the culture at Barr-Nunn Transportation for many years. How much a truck driver earns per year is determined by the driver, not the company. With minimal planning, drivers at Barr-Nunn Transportation can control when pay raises kick in. Overwhelmingly, our truck drivers prefer pay raises carried out this way, then merit increases determined subjectively by supervisors.

  • Solo OTR drivers earn pay raises of .005 cents per mile every 40,000 Safe Paid Miles. (Contact recruiter for pay cap)
  • Solo Regional drivers earn pay raises of .005 cents per mile every 20,000 Safe Paid Miles. (Contact recruiter for pay cap)
  • Team OTR drivers earn pay raises of one cent per mile to the team rate on first, second, and third employment anniversaries.

In addition to scheduled raises each year, Barr-Nunn Transportation also increases the truck driver pay rates for individual fleets.

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. At Barr-Nunn Transportation, they definitely go that extra for their drivers. It’s simple are you looking for better pay? Then come on over to the Barr-Nunn Transportation way!”

Susan, Barr-Nunn Transportation Team Driver for 7 years

CSA Safety Bonuses

Barr-Nunn Transportation rewards safe truck drivers. Solo and Team truck drivers are eligible to earn CSA Safety Bonuses every ninety days of employment. Barr-Nunn regularly raises the amounts of CSA Safety Bonuses.

Solo Truck Drivers

  • $875 + Paid Time Off (Hazmat Endorsement)
  • $700 + Paid Time Off (No Hazmat Endorsement)

Team Truck Drivers

  • $1025 each + Paid Time Off (Hazmat Endorsement)
  • $825 each + Paid Time Off (No Hazmat Endorsement)

Owner Operators (Every 30,000 safe miles paid to the truck)

  • $1,525 (Hazmat Endorsement)
  • $1,225 (No Hazmat Endorsement)

“Our goal is and always has been to hire and retain the safest and most professional drivers. To accomplish this goal we need to offer superior pay, well equipped late model equipment, substantial home time, excellent health insurance, and a 401(k) allowing our drivers to retire in comfort after many years on the road.”

Jeff Blank, Barr-Nunn Transportation Director of Recruitment.

Short Haul Pay

Because the industry average loaded length of haul has been declining for years, Barr-Nunn Transportation pays solo mileage paid drivers additional cents per mile on complete loads hauled under 550 miles. We call it Band Pay. Unlike traditional truck driving jobs and salary, Band Pay is further compensation added on top of our industry-leading base pay rates. It helps ensure a hefty paycheck each week regardless of the number of miles run. Band pay is of the many reasons Barr-Nunn Transportation truck drivers’ weekly earnings are higher on average than other carriers.

Chart showing short haul pay or band pay, right column displays mileage starting at 0-50, and the right column displays pay per mile starting at $0.97 + $16.50 Flat.

Practical Mileage Pay

Barr-Nunn Transportation truck drivers pay is based on the most practical route a tractor-trailer can travel, not as the crow flies. Practical miles more accurately reflect actual miles traveled per haul than how most carriers calculate miles. Practical Mileage Pay helps truck drivers earn more money per month, and reach safety pay increases even faster.

Pay and Compensation at Barr-Nunn Transportation – I’d have to say has got to be among the best. I did my homework, I looked around, and I couldn’t find anything better”

Paul, Barr-Nunn Transportation Solo Driver for 10 years

Driver Referral Program

Barr-Nunn Transportation Driver Referral Program rewards truck drivers with thousands of dollars when a referred driver becomes employed and starts earning miles. Truck Driver Referrals help all drivers earn supplemental income by adding another way to control finances.

Barr-Nunn Truck Driver Referral Program Payout Schedule

  • $250 after referral arrives at truck driver orientation
  • $2,000 after referral completes orientation and hauls the first load
  • $0.05 per mile on referred driver miles for the first 90 days of employment (for drivers paid by the mile)

“Some companies promise ‘Great Pay’, some companies promise ‘Great Miles’ and some promise ‘Great Home Time’. If you are looking for it ALL, come to Barr-Nunn Transportation. We are here until we retire, and we won’t just retire from Barr-Nunn Transportation, we’ll retire financially secure. That makes a difference.”

Susan, Barr-Nunn Transportation Team Driver for 7 years

Detention Pay

Barr-Nunn Transportation is an industry innovator issuing Detention Pay to truck drivers. By reducing the amount of wait time, and the calculation, Detention Pay helps drivers maximize earnings per haul. Truck drivers who are delayed more than one hour from appointment time or scheduled arrival time within an open delivery window, are compensated for wait-time.

Solo Drivers earn $12.50 per hour for each hour they are detained beyond 60 minutes from their appointment time or their arrival time within an open delivery window. Maximum of 10 hours of detention pay in one 24-hour period.


Barr-Nunn Transportation is a leader in truck driving pay and salary and delivers a quality truck driver experience. Our mission is to be the carrier of choice for professional truck drivers and Owner Operators. Consistent miles, quality and safe equipment, and a total truck driver focus make Barr-Nunn Transportation the perfect home for reliable and dedicated truckers.

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