6 Reasons Why You Should Become a Team Truck Driver

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Some people love the idea of striking out on their own. Not only are they free to carve their own way, but they’re also free to make their own mistakes. But when it comes to succeeding in the trucking industry, too many solo drivers end up learning the hard way that it doesn’t pay to go it alone — literally. We’ll look at the reasons why becoming a team driver can make you more money and delivers a better experience when you’re on the road.

Reasons To Become a Team Driver

1. Team Truck Drivers Make More Money

Did you catch the bit about making more money in the first paragraph? Because we really can’t hammer this point home enough. If you’re in this business to make a living, you owe it to yourself to start building your wealth as quickly as you can. Team drivers make more money because they can keep their trucks going for roughly twice as long as a single driver would. Very often team driver pay scale is higher than solo drivers. Even though you’re splitting the profits, you’re also making your deliveries in half the time as a solo driver. It means you can work longer and more efficiently.

2. You Get a Real Break

While solo drivers are mandated to rest to ensure everyone’s safety, it’s not always easy to really relax and recoup when you know someone’s waiting for your freight. With team driving, you get to take a break without having to worry about your income or deadline. While one person rests, the other one picks up the driving.

3. Team Driving Gives You Someone to Talk to

While there will be time spent switching between resting/sleeping and driving, driving teams will have the chance to spend time with someone else. Some people team up with a friend or even a spouse, so they can reduce the possibility of personality friction when on the road. Trucking can be a great way to spend time with the people you love while making a comfortable living. So if you’re tired of missing home when you’re out and about, take home with you when you become a team driver.

4. Team Truck Drivers Keep the Supply Chain Going

The supply chain is a vital part of the US economy, and the cargo carried from place to place is an integral part of ensuring everyone gets what they need. When you drive in a team, everything moves faster. Companies and companies across the nation can rest easy that the freight will be delivered and the inventory will be restocked. From medication to produce, team drivers can help reduce shortages in the many towns and cities they service. A solo driver is limited to how many hours they can drive, which can easily put them behind the curve.

5. Team Driving Gives You a Built-In Strategist

When you’re with a team, it’s easier to identify and solve the problems before they balloon into catastrophes. From when to stop for gas to how to arrange the freight, there are a number of ways for truckers to become better at what they do. Even shaving off a few minutes per driver can quickly add up over the course of the year. For solo drivers, it may take longer to catch these issues, especially if they’re shouldering the pressures without any help.

6. Team Drivers Can See It All

Truckers have the opportunity to travel without the associated costs that normally keep people at home. Some team drivers will choose routes that take them through some of the most scenic areas in the US, a practice that has led many truckers to truly cherish their time on the job. As you’re exploring the best the nation has to offer, you’re also perfecting invaluable skills that will help you in your everyday life. From general problem-solving to serious crisis management, team drivers have a chance to better themselves together.

How to Choose a Team Driving Partner

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been a solo driver for a while, consider the people in your personal network and whether they’d be good candidates to form a capable team with you. It could be a friend, a colleague, or even your wife or husband. You may be surprised at the amount of husband and wife team truck driving jobs available today. The key is to choose someone with whom you can share everything, from space to responsibilities. Each person needs to be willing to fulfill their side of the bargain to indeed form a lasting and successful partnership. From there, you can establish a team that gets more done, helps more people, and, ultimately, makes more money per year.

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