What Is Regional Truck Driving?

Barr-Nunn Transportation Truck showing Regional Truck Driver

A regional truck driver is a professional driver who operates within a specific geographic region, typically covering a designated area or several neighboring states. Unlike long-haul drivers, regional truck drivers generally have shorter routes and return home more frequently, contributing to a more localized and predictable work schedule.

A CDL license today allows truckers to choose from a variety of driving positions. The trucking industry provides many lifestyle options for drivers. The goal is to find the right company and the right position to satisfy a taste for the open road. When considering your path, becoming a regional truck driver could be the perfect fit.

Types of Truck Driver Positions

In the world of trucking, there are several distinct driving positions, each with its unique characteristics and demands. These positions include OTR (Over the Road), dedicated, local, and regional truck driving roles.

Over-The-Road (OTR)

OTR refers to truck drivers hauling freight over long distances across the United States and Canada. Typically, drivers spend 3-4 weeks at a time on the road. Delivering items such as heavy freight, machinery, construction materials, and other equipment.


Truckers with a dedicated route service the same company, same freight, or location regularly. Often truck drivers pick up loads at regular locations and deliver to regular or dedicated customers.


Local truck drivers have shorter delivery routes, typically delivering goods to customers within close proximity. These drivers are usually home daily, which makes local driving positions particularly attractive for those seeking a consistent work-life balance. Many local drivers are paid by the hour, in contrast to OTR or dedicated positions where compensation is often based on miles driven.

Regional Truck Driver Information

Regional trucking refers to the part of the country where a driver moves goods and materials, and makes deliveries. Drivers move through divisions or regions like the Northeast or the Midwest. Usually, drivers stay within a 1,000-mile radius of their home domicile. Regional truck drivers are generally home two days per week; in many cases, this time off falls on the weekend. Truck driving company policies typically dictate a certain number of days or hours required.

I’m a regional truck driver, so I’m home every weekend. Last year I grossed just over $83,000. If you are thinking about coming to Barr-Nunn, I think you’d be making a wise choice.

– Jim, 22-year Barr-Nunn Transportation Truck Driver

Benefits of Being a Regional Truck Driver

Regional truck driving offers several compelling advantages.

  • Home Time: Generally, regional truck drivers live in the same area in which they work, so home time is regular and more consistent. Regional trucking jobs are rewarding for truck drivers with a family or children because of the ample amount of home time.
  • Familiarity: Truck drivers operating within the region regularly become very familiar with the best routes, delivery requirements, and receiving company staff. Familiarity helps driver efficiency over time, and an enjoyable comfort level lowers stress.
  • No Loading or Unloading Freight: Many regional truck drivers are not required to handle the freight they haul. Companies often hire lumpers to handle the loading and unloading of goods, relieving drivers of this physically demanding aspect of the job.
  • Salary: According to the American Trucking Associations (ATA), an average regional truck driver’s annual salary is $53,000. While this figure can vary depending on factors like experience, the company you work for, and the specific region you serve, it is a competitive salary in the trucking industry.


Compared to other driving positions, regional truck driving stands out as an appealing career choice within the trucking industry. It caters to individuals who are passionate about the open road and prefer a more regular work schedule that includes frequent home time. If you are considering a career as a regional truck driver, Barr-Nunn Transportation offers positions that align with these preferences.

Whether you’re an experienced driver or just starting your trucking career, exploring the opportunities available at Barr-Nunn Transportation may be a wise decision. The combination of attractive benefits, job security, and a supportive work environment makes it a promising choice for those seeking a fulfilling career on the road. Find open positions or apply now.

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