What is No-Touch Freight?

no-touch freight trucking

As a new truck driver, you will be deciding between no-touch and traditional freight driving jobs, or those you do not unload or load yourself. Consider the following information about no-touch freight for a better understanding of what this means within the trucking industry.

What Does No-Touch Freight Mean?

When a type of freight is described as no-touch, this simply means that the truck driver does not load or unload their freight themselves. It could imply that warehouse employees load or unload the freight while it is parked at a loading dock or could mean that the driver simply drops and hooks freight at a trucking company with a large trailer and container pods. Either way, the truck driver is not responsible for the loading and unloading process. Instead, they pull up and have their load hooked to their truck or they pull in and have it unhooked.

Common Types of No-Touch Freight

No-touch freight can be any type of freight that the trucker driver isn’t responsible for loading or unloading. However, in some cases, no-touch freight is labeled as such because the loads themselves are dangerous, perhaps containing dangerous goods, gasses, or toxic chemicals.

These special loads require highly qualified individuals to handle them. Therefore, a driver would have to possess specific qualifications to meet the Federal Hazardous Materials Regulations.

Consequently, in some cases, no-touch freight is the result of this type of material that requires specifically trained handling. Other times, it’s simply freight that is unloaded or loaded before the trucker gets there to reduce the time it takes to get a load heading towards its destination.

Benefits of No-Touch, Drop-and-Hook Loads

There are many benefits of no-touch or drop-and-hook loads in comparison to a driver loading or unloading their own freight. The following are some of the most applicable:

  • Less liability for the driver: When a driver isn’t responsible for loading or unloading their own freight, this means they are not liable for any damages that happen during this process. Operating a no-touch freight truck is a great option for drivers who do not want the added liability of dealing with elevated platforms, heavy cargo, or the use of dock ramps or forklifts.
  • More time efficient: Because a driver can pull in with a load already ready to go out, or pull in and then leave their freight to be unloaded, it frees up the driver’s time to get onto the next trip.
  • Time to relax: No-touch freight also gives drivers an opportunity to relax, call home, or take care of other duties while their trailer is being either loaded or unloaded. This pause in the action can be a valuable resource for a driver who has been on the road for hours.
  • Less physical stress: Not having to worry about lifting or moving freight is less physically taxing on drivers. Therefore, especially if a driver has physical limitations, no-touch freight can be a way they can still enjoy the profession of trucking.

Find a No-Touch Freight Trucking Company

Once you determine that no-touch freight is a good option for you as a truck driver, you will want to look for a trucking company that has this type of freight hauling as an option. Some companies offer a no-touch freight option for 100% of their trucks, while others don’t have that option for the entire fleet. Keep in mind that removing the touching element of freight hauling will mean that you only focus on driving. You won’t get any physical activity from loading or unloading. If that sounds like what you are looking for, simply inquire about no-touch freight jobs at Barr-Nunn Transportation.

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