4 Ways Barr-Nunn Truck Drivers Earn Paid Time Off

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After pay and benefits, the most asked question our new drivers have is, "What's the vacation policy?" Many are shocked to learn how many ways Barr-Nunn Transportation truck drivers earn paid time off (PTO). Most carriers offer one way for drivers to PTO, while Barr-Nunn Transportation offers up to four methods.

Typical Carrier/Industry PTO

Most carriers offer two weeks of PTO per year or allow days to accrue for weeks a certain number of weeks on the road. Some companies add weeks for drivers who hit work anniversaries like five, ten, fifteen, or twenty years. Because miles vary for a lot of truck drivers, hitting these types of milestones or meeting PTO requirements can be frustrating. Limited time off the road is stressful for drives and their families.

How Barr-Nunn Transportation PTO Is Different

Barr-Nunn Transportation believes trucker's downtime is precious. Birthdays, anniversaries, school plays, sports games, and other once-in-a-lifetime events are too special to miss. Sharing experiences with family members is what life is all about.

That’s why we’ve developed a PTO policy that rewards our drivers for more than miles. If you drive for Barr-Nunn Transportation, the amount of PTO you enjoy is in your hands, literally. We outline four ways for our drivers to achieve more PTO each year.

“We are proud to offer so much paid time off to our company drivers.  Our goal is to make sure they earn a superior paycheck week in and week out and that they can afford to spend quality vacation time with their families and not have their paycheck suffer when they do.”

– Jeff Blank, Director of Recruiting

4 Ways Barr-Nunn Drivers Achieve More PTO

1. New Company Drivers Can Earn PTO Immediately

It starts at the beginning of your employment with Barr-Nunn Transportation. We believe your safe driving record should follow you, not get reset when you start. Our new drivers who have a qualifying safety record earn one day of PTO on their first check the week after orientation, and reach one day after 30 and 60 days of employment. From the very start of your employment, you can earn additional PTO.

2. 60,000 Paid Miles Earns PTO

The second way to earn more PTO is through miles driven. Solo drivers earn 3-9 days of Paid Time Off (Vacation) every 60,000 paid miles. The value of each Paid Time Off day for new solo mileage paid drivers is either $280 or $296 per day.

“I earn 6 days off PTO for every 60,000 miles I run. I also earn 1 day of PTO each time I get my CSA bonus. This adds up quickly and I value the fact that I can take my PTO whenever I desire. BN is good at giving me time off when I ask for it.”

- Jim P. (Regional North Fleet)

Team drivers earn 3-9 days of Paid Time Off (Vacation) every 109,000 paid miles.The value of each Paid Time Off day for new mileage paid team drivers is either $312 or $336 per day.

“Barr Nunn’s PTO is the best in the business! As a Million Mile Team driver, my partner and I each earn 9 days of PTO every 109,000 paid miles. Depending on your pay rate that's worth approximately $3000 each before taxes.  As a team, we get PTO every 4 and a half months.  Add it up you won't get that anywhere else!  The earned time off at Barr-Nunn is also phenomenal.”

-Michele P.

3. Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) Safety Scores Earns PTO

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’ (FMCSA) data-driven safety compliance and enforcement program scoring is the third way Barr-Nunn Transportation driver can earn more PTO. The Safety Measurement System (SMS) identifies on-road performance and compliance.

Both solo and team drivers earn one day of PTO with each CSA Safety Bonus they earn, eligible for every 90 days. 95% of Barr-Nunn drivers earn this bonus.

4. Safety and Elite Driver Awards

Barr-Nunn Transportation recognizes safe drivers with awards. Drivers who reach certain safety milestones or earn Elite Safe driver awards receive extra PTO.

Final Thoughts on Barr-Nunn Transportation Paid Time Off

“Our business depends on the ability to perform at the highest levels of safety and service. Our excellence depends on our drivers and our drivers depend on both industry-leading pay and the opportunity to enjoy home-time.  What better way to demonstrate our commitment to the professional men and women who make Barr-Nunn work, than with not only the high number of paid days off that can be earned, but the strong compensation level that goes with it.”

- Rene Beacom (Barr-Nunn Transportation President)

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