Husband and Wife Truck Driving Teams

Husband and Wife Truck Driving Team for Barr-Nunn Transportation

There are many benefits of being a truck driver for a living. It’s a way to see the nation and hit the open road, and it presents a host of exciting challenges and fun situations. Of course, to be fair, it also can come with some drawbacks, such as loneliness, boredom, and fatigue from being…

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How Barr-Nunn’s Truck Driver Referral Program Leads the Industry

truck driver referrals

A driver referral program allows you as a truck driver to play an active role in building up the trucking company for which you are working. It also can help you earn some notable benefits as well as you get the word out about why others should consider becoming drivers for said company. It’s no…

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Tips for How to Balance Truck Driving and Family Life

Tips for Balancing Truck Driving and Family Life

Truck driving can be an exciting way to make a living and see the country, simultaneously. Unfortunately, due to the demands of the industry, being gone for days, weeks, or months at a time is likely for a truck driver. This can negatively impact family life for the entire family unit. Thankfully, the following tips…

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How To Become an Efficient Team Truck Driver

Barr-Nunn truck

Truck drivers are in higher demand than ever, but many drivers who get their commercial driver’s license (CDL) prefer shorter drives rather than long hauls. Yet, many businesses still rely on people driving across the country to get their products where they need to be. This is, of course, where team truck drivers come in.…

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3 Truck Driver Pay Changes at Barr Nunn Transportation

Truck with bag of money - Truck Driver Pay

There are many reasons why truck drivers prefer Barr Nunn Transportation truck driver pay. Experienced and safe truck drivers receive regular raises in cents per mile, Band Pay (in qualifying areas), Economic Recovery Pay, and Company Driver Anniversary Bonus for starters. Practical miles are going up too. So, suppose you want a top-paying driving job…

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Changing Trucking Companies: What Truck Drivers Should Know

Two hands shaking in front of truck. Changing trucking companies

It’s common for truck drivers to change trucking companies. Reasons for running miles for a new employer are usually personal. Many truckers switch carriers searching for more money, more home time, better driver treatment, updated equipment, or a change in freight. The question is, “When you are thinking about making a carrier change, what should…

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Truck Driver Referral Program Delivers Big Money

truck driver referral program

The Barr-Nunn Transportation Truck Driver Referral Program is another reason our trucking company has a reputation as a top-pay carrier. Our philosophy on driver referrals is straightforward; pay our drivers a ton of money plus additional PTO (vacation) to refer other professional drivers to our company. Our drivers are thrilled that they helped the company…

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4 Ways Barr-Nunn Truck Drivers Earn Paid Time Off

Road with paid time off painted on it

After pay and benefits, the most asked question our new drivers have is, “What’s the vacation policy?” Many are shocked to learn how many ways Barr-Nunn Transportation truck drivers earn paid time off (PTO). Most carriers offer one way for drivers to PTO, while Barr-Nunn Transportation offers up to four methods. Typical Carrier/Industry PTO Most…

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Top 10 Most Stressful Roads for Truck Drivers

Stressed out Truck Driver in Cab

Truck drivers deserve every penny while delivering goods around the country. Crammed roads feature construction, distracted drivers, aggressive drivers, and other hazards – on a good day. Some U.S. roads take driving a semi-truck to the next level. Here are the top 10 most stressful roads for truck drivers 1) I-95 in Miami, Florida The…

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