7 Qualities of Great Truck Drivers

7 Qualities of a Successful Truck Driver - Woman driving an eighteen wheeler

There’s a reason the demand for truck drivers is at an all-time high. To be successful today, a trucker needs the right combination of driving skills, experience, and personality traits. The expectations of the transportation industry are reaching new levels. So too, are the expectations of what carriers are looking for in truck drivers. Here…

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2020 Service Hours Changes: What Truck Drivers Need to Know

Barr-Nunn Transportation truck

For the first time in nearly 15 years, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) updated rules regulating truck driver hours of service. FMCSA stated its goal is to provide truck drivers will more flexibility in managing time on duty. The government agency calls the latest shift to modernize regulations while attempting to keep America’s…

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6 Advantages of OTR Truck Driving for Barr-Nunn Transportation

Top Pay Certified logo and Barr-Nunn Transportation logo

There is an excellent chance you have discovered all trucking companies are not created equal. Large carriers can make you feel like just another truck driver. Small carriers can make you feel as if one contract goes away, so will the company. Barr-Nunn Transportation’s not-too-big and not-too-small footprint separates it from the rest. Our size…

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Truck Driver Pay: The Barr-Nunn Transportation Way

Barr-Nunn Transportation trucks in shipyard

Truck driving jobs and salary. If you are an experienced trucker, you want to know which company has the best trucking jobs and how much you can earn. Barr-Nunn Transportation believes top-performing truck drivers deserve to earn industry-leading pay. That is why for over fifteen years, Barr-Nunn Trucking is recognized as a Top Pay Certified…

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10 Things Experienced Truck Drivers Know That Rookies Don’t

10 Things Experienced Truck Drivers Know That Rookies Don’t.

It was once said that “Skill is the unified force of experience, intellect, and passion in their operation.” In the context of professional truck driving, this quote was never truer. The skill drivers gain through experience has led them to become knowledgeable masters of their trade. Most rookies simply do not have the driving experience…

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What Is A Regional Truck Driver?

Barr-Nunn Transportation Truck showing Regional Truck Driver

A CDL license today allows truckers to choose from a variety of driving positions. The trucking industry provides many lifestyle options for drivers. The goal is to find the right company and the right position to satisfy a taste for the open road. When considering your path, becoming a regional truck driver could be the…

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What to Look for in OTR Truck Driving Companies

Semi-truck showing the word industry on the side circled in read with sharpie leaning on it. OTR Truck Driving Companies

You have been driving a truck for a few years and are starting to look around at other opportunities. Once you decide whether to work for a private fleet, as a team driver, drive oversized rigs, operate hazmat vehicles, heavy haul, flat, tanker, into reefer or dry van – it is time to find the…

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6 Reasons Why You Should Become a Team Driver

Two Barr-Nunn Transportation drivers standing in front of a company truck, Become a Team Driver

Some people love the idea of striking out on their own. Not only are they free to carve their own way, but they’re also free to make their own mistakes. But when it comes to succeeding in the trucking industry, too many solo drivers end up learning the hard way that it doesn’t pay to…

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Dashcams For Truckers: What You Need to Know

View of a truck from the inside showing a dashcam over a highway, dashcam for truckkers

A truck dashcam is a tool utilizing technology for the betterment of the trucking industry. Dashcams for truckers work by recording every minute a truck is in operation and sometimes when parked, showcasing what’s going on both inside and outside the cab. There are many situations this type of recording is advantageous. In Case of…

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What Makes Truck Driving an Essential Service?

Semi-truck showing the Barr-Nunn logo, essential services

Amid the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic that hit the nation full-force, all jobs have now been divided into two categories–essential services and nonessential services. Most recognize the important role doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals play in this medical catastrophe; however, other industries are just as essential when it comes to keeping the country moving. Most…

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