Truck Driver Referral Program Delivers Big Money

truck driver referral program

The Barr-Nunn Transportation Truck Driver Referral Program is another reason our trucking company has a reputation as a top-pay carrier. Our philosophy on driver referrals is straightforward; pay our drivers a ton of money plus additional PTO (vacation) to refer other professional drivers to our company. Our drivers are thrilled that they helped the company and earned a lot more money. The Driver Referral Program at Barr-Nunn Transportation is unique in the types of rewards and the number of times bonuses payout.

Benefits of Referring a Driver to Barr-Nunn Transportation

  • It pays! The bottom line is drivers can earn impressive amounts of additional income referring drivers.
  • It feels good to help others! Helping a friend, peer, or family member increase pay, increase hometime, or increase employment stability is very rewarding.
  • Increases the quality of people driving for Barr-Nunn Transportation! Experienced and safe drivers hang out with other professional and safe truck drivers. Bringing more drivers who share our dedication to doing the job the right way helps us all.
  • It’s already part of the brotherhood of truck drivers! Driving a truck for a living makes us part of a small fraternity, and referring drivers to work for high-quality carriers is a part of the trucker code.

How the Barr-Nunn Transportation Truck Driver Referral Program Works

Barr-Nunn Transportation drivers referring new drivers who gain employment receive an extra CSA Safety Bonus and On-Road Safety Bonus when eligible over the next 12 months.

90-Day eligible CSA Safety Bonuses

Solo Drivers

  • $875 + Paid Time Off (with Hazmat Endorsement)
  • $700 + Paid Time Off (without Hazmat Endorsement)

Team Drivers

  • $1,025 each + Paid Time Off (with Hazmat Endorsement)
  • $825 each + Paid Time Off (without Hazmat Endorsement)

90-Day On-Road Safety Bonus

  • $425

Referral Program Payout Example

Joe refers Jim to Barr-Nunn. Jim gets hired at Barr-Nunn. The next time Joe earns his CSA Safety Bonus, On-Road Bonus, and PTO award, he will receive an extra one of each because he referred Jim.

So, Joe will earn $2600 and 2 days of PTO instead of $1300 and 1 day of PTO.

And for the subsequent 3 periods (9 months), Joe will earn additional bonuses and PTO when he earns his regularly scheduled bonuses every 90 days.

Joe will have earned a total of $5200 and 4 days of PTO (vacation) for referring Jim to Barr-Nunn.

With Barr-Nunn’s referral program, I have made tens of thousands of dollars over the last two years by referring drivers to Barr-Nunn. I have also increased Paid Time Off (vacation day) with each of my hired referrals. This has allowed me to enjoy my home time even more! Our driver referral program helps me work smarter, not harder!

Barr-Nunn Transportation Driver Denise

Tips for Referring Drivers to Barr-Nunn Transportation

  • Keep being social! Life on the road means interacting with a wide variety of people. Remain friendly and conversational at truck stops, diners, parking lots, and customer locations.
  • Keep your radar up! Stay alert to those drivers who show the same passion, dedication, skills, and attitude as you.
  • Give honest feedback about driving for Barr-Nunn Transportation! Your honesty and straightforward conversations about driving for the company show you are transparent and without a hidden agenda.
  • Connect with a Barr-Nunn Transportation Recruiter! Building a relationship with a company recruiter and giving them a heads-up to a referral is a simple way to ensure proper credit.

4 Easy Ways to Submit a Truck Driver Referral

  • Referral Card available at all terminals
  • Truck Satellite System using Macro 61
  • Website submission at
  • Call 888-999-7576

Final Thoughts on Barr-Nunn Transportation Truck Driver Referral Program

Our high-paying driver referral program is just one of the ways to earn more at Barr-Nunn Transportation. Unmatched CSA Safety Bonuses and On-Road Safety Bonuses, Paid Time Off, Shift Load Pay, and excellent benefits keep Barr-Nunn Transportation a 16-year Top Pay Certified Carrier. For more information, call Truck Driver Services & Recruiting at 888-999-7576.

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