Valuable Truck Driving Tips from Experienced Truckers


Experienced truck drivers from Barr-Nunn Transportation, a company known for its driver benefits and competitive pay, share their hard-earned knowledge in this article. Packed with practical tips for both new and seasoned drivers, the article offers guidance on staying safe and maximizing efficiency on the road. The most essential truck driving tips include prioritizing safety over speed by planning routes effectively and understanding how to calculate rates efficiently. Developing a positive attitude and strong work ethic is also crucial to navigate the trucking industry’s ups and downs, so drivers can be prepared for anything from long stretches of highway to unexpected delays.

Over the last thirty-eight years, Barr-Nunn Transportation has forged a culture committed to driver financial stability and career success, which is why our truck drivers are some of the most experienced truckers in the industry today. Not only do our drivers pride themselves on delivering hauls safely, on time, and with quality customer service — our drivers enjoy passing on what they have learned to others.

Top Tips from Barr-Nunn Drivers

Here are truck driving tips from experienced Barr-Nunn Transportation truckers:

Jim P.

Truck Driver Tips

  1. Avoid a “miles” mindset. It’s about money, not miles.
  2. Understand effective rate per mile with band pay, special load pay, etc.
  3. Understand there are good days and bad days, good weeks, and bad weeks.
  4. Accept waiting time in between loads.

Reasons to Work at Barr-Nunn Transportation

  • Good equipment.
  • Good pay.
  • Being treated with respect and as a person.
  • Can always ask dispatch which direction to go if not preplanned when headed to a receiver.
  • Very seldom pulled into for a DOT inspection.
  • Inspection bonuses are great.

Scott B.

Truck Driver Tips

  1. Attitude is key.  
  2. A strong work ethic is a big help.
  3. Not every day in trucking is a good day.  
  4. Must be prepared for the worst sometimes.
  5. Need to run at night and may have to flip your clock.  

Reasons to Work at Barr-Nunn Transportation

  • Strong company communication 
  • The staff always tell the truth.
  • Late-model equipment with great specs.
  • Liberal time off.

Susan & Frank B.

Truck Driver Tips

  1. Run loads efficiently.
  2. Always keep track of your hours to know what you can and can’t do. 
  3. Adapt to different schedules. 
  4. You must be flexible.

Reasons to Work at Barr-Nunn Transportation:

  • Excellent pay and bonuses.
  • The staff is always helpful.

Paul G.

Truck Driver Tips

  1. Drivers need to be good at time management.
  2. Focus on the big picture rather than day-to-day load mileage. 
  3. (New drivers) Avoid unrealistic expectations and manage time wisely.

Reasons to Work at Barr-Nunn Transportation

  • The pay and compensation are the best. After all, we’re not here to donate our time and do volunteer work; it’s all about the bottom dollar.

Ken C.

Truck Driver Tips

  1. Drivers need to be able to flip the clock from day to night.

Reasons to Work at Barr-Nunn Transportation

  • Hardly ever get pulled into a DOT scale except in FL.
  • Preferential treatment at outside shops and OEM dealers.
  • Excellent home time, vacation, and great equipment.
  • Great communication on the night shift.

Gerald C.

Truck Driver Tips

  1. Make use of the technology. It makes the job 100% easier. 
  2. Communicate early and often with dispatch regarding customers, pickup and delivery times, delays, etc.  
  3. Don’t focus on the daily or even weekly miles.
  4. Understand you can make an excellent annual income.

Reasons to Work at Barr-Nunn Transportation

  • The technology that’s available to company drivers.
  • Having the correct information for pick-ups and deliveries. Our customers appreciate the fact we are always prepared. 
  • Very rarely having to deal with maintenance issues while on the road. 
  • The company safety record.
  • The excellent compensation package.
  • The staff at Barr-Nunn is always helpful.

Monti P.

Truck Driver Tips

  1. Ask company drivers the real amount of home time.
  2. Try to take alternate routes when possible.
  3. Ask company drivers about team leaders and how they treat others.

Reasons to Work at Barr-Nunn Transportation

  • The best thing I like about the company is being able to trust the people you work for.
  • The trucks are maintained very well. 
  • Calling the shop when there is a problem and getting assistance immediately.


Experienced truckers know the transportation industry can be a rewarding and lucrative career. Because truck driving demands as much physical skill as it does mental agility and communication skills, our truck drivers know how to use their experience to manage hours on the road to maximize income. Implement the truck driving tips from experienced truckers at Barr-Nunn Transportation, and you’ll be on your way to a successful career.

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