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Husband and Wife Truck Driving Team for Barr-Nunn Transportation
Lori & Qyn – Husband and Wife Truck Drivers at Barr-Nunn

There are many benefits of being a truck driver for a living. It’s a way to see the nation and hit the open road, and it presents a host of exciting challenges and fun situations. Of course, to be fair, it also can come with some drawbacks, such as loneliness, boredom, and fatigue from being on the road all alone. It can also have a negative impact on your family relationships. Thankfully, one way to combat the negative side of things is to create a husband and wife truck driving team, where you hit the road as a pair. The following is more information on the benefits and potential drawbacks of trying this as a career path:

Benefits of Husband and Wife Trucking Teams

The following are the most notable benefits of working as a husband and wife truck driving team. While this list isn’t exhaustive, it does contain some of the most often cited reasons for choosing this career path:

  • It Can Be More Profitable: Obviously, with two drivers instead of just one, you can cover more ground when on your routes and in turn make more money. You can actually shift out with each other, allowing one person to drive while the other rests and get more trips done than possible by yourself.
  • It Can Prevent Other Team-Related Problems: Husband and wife team driving is also more beneficial than other forms of team truck driving since husbands and wives can sleep in the same space and are more comfortable together for long periods.
  • It Prevents Loneliness: Driving a truck can be an isolating way to make a living. However, when you opt to team drive instead of going it alone, you can counteract this common complaint about this career choice. You can even use the time to strengthen your relationship by talking on your routes as you drive or stopping in new locations and seeing scenic spots, making memories, and enjoying each other’s company.
  • Lessens the Mental and Physical Stress of Truck Driving: Since you are taking turns as a team, if one person feels stressed or mentally taxed, the other can step in and drive for a spell or even help the driver talk through the issue and maintain a level of calmness. This can reduce the overall stress level of truckers by a good bit.

Cons of Driving With Your Spouse

While many benefits go along with becoming a wife and husband truck driving team, the career choice isn’t without some potential drawbacks. The following are some cons you might note when choosing this career:

  • Spend Less Time Together: This might seem to go against the benefits listed above, but if you are team driving, you might find you have less time together because one of you is always sleeping while the other is driving.
  • It Can Be A Point of Contention: If one spouse loves truck driving, but the other does not, team driving can become a point of contention fairly quickly. It also takes a great deal of skill to safely and effectively operate an 18-wheeler, so both members of the couple need to be skilled and feel confident in operating the rig, not just one.
  • It Can Be Too Much Time Together: Some couples do better with a little time apart, and for those couples, team driving is probably not a good idea as it forces you to be together around the clock.

Husband and wife driving teams can be a rewarding joint career. They are also in high demand within the trucking industry, so finding placement shouldn’t be hard if this is the career you and your spouse want to pursue.

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