3 Truck Driver Pay Changes at Barr Nunn Transportation

There are many reasons why truck drivers prefer Barr Nunn Transportation truck driver pay. Experienced and safe truck drivers receive regular raises in cents per mile, Band Pay (in qualifying areas), Economic Recovery Pay, and Company Driver Anniversary Bonus for starters. Practical miles are going up too. So, suppose you want a top-paying driving job with unmatched CSA Safety Bonuses, On-Road Safety Bonuses (Barr-Nunn truck driver favorites), Paid Time Off, and excellent benefits. In that case, Barr-Nunn Transportation is perfect for you.

Band Pay

From 0-100 miles, drivers earn their mileage pay rate plus $35 for each complete load in this mileage band range.

From 101-400 miles, drivers earn their mileage pay rate plus $25 for each complete load in this mileage band range.

That’s a 25% increase over the previous Band Pay program, which paid extra per mile on different bands of the length of haul.

Pay Per Mile Increases Again

Pay in our Regional North fleet increased by 3 cents per mile, and drivers can now start at a top rate of $0.69/mi.

Regional North fleet drivers are home every weekend for two full days, and the average pay per week is currently $1774.

The top 33% of drivers in this fleet are earning $1979 per week.

Mileage Paid Team drivers in 5 of Barr-Nunn fleets just earned an additional 2 cents per mile to their base rate.  This brings the top team mileage starting pay to $0.89/mi. 

Mileage Paid OTR Teams are grossing over $2000 per week each.

Economic Recovery Pay

Since March 2020, Barr-Nunn over-the-road and regional drivers have earned extra pay due to the Pandemic.  Currently solo and team mileage-paid drivers are earning 5 cents extra through the beginning of January 2022 for Economic Recovery Pay.

Bonus Earning Opportunity: Company Driver Anniversary Bonus

We’ve always believed it’s important to reward our company drivers’ experience and loyalty. The Driver Anniversary Bonus pays out once each year on the driver’s most recent hire date’s anniversary date. The longer a driver has driven for us, the higher the bonus amount! We get to the bonus amount by multiplying the base rate of the bonus by the number of years of service.

Final Thoughts on Band Pay for Solo Truck Driver Pay

If you’re a truck driver, then it’s time to get on board with how many ways Barr Nun Transportation offers truck drivers pay! Innovative new pay structures are for the modern-day independent truck driver. With the Band Pay program, regular increases in pay per mile, Economic Recovery Pay, and Company Driver Anniversary Bonuses, truck drivers make more at Barr Nunn Transportation. Apply now if you want an opportunity to start earning better solo truck driver pay today.

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